About We Are Mammoth

We believe in a smarter workplace.

The gateway to a successful business is an efficient, productive workplace. We Are Mammoth builds web apps that help companies around the world do a better job communicating, organizing, and hiring.

Our mission as a workplace feeds our mission as a business.

Our mission as a workplace is to be just as productive as the folks who work here everyday building software. Indeed, building an efficient company requires just as much design, craft, and focus as building a high-availability software system. Effective project management, sharp IT support, a healthy fridge, comprehensive benefits, and helping folks be proactive team members are just a few ways we express our view that the gateway to a successful business is an efficient workplace.

Our mission as a business is to build web apps and services which help other companies be better places to work at too. Every company should work smarter, hire better, and organize quicker. Our applications and consulting services show them how.

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